By Lee Ann:

(Editor at First Editing)

WOW!  These poems are so awesome!  I was encouraged and felt enshrouded in a war, comforting feeling throughout most of the reading.  So great!  Fabulous work, I'm so inspired and can hardly wait to promote this on our Facebook page once it is published.

By Petrina Evans:

Can I just say that your book has truly been a blessing!  I mean, it was like you wrote it specifically for me.  I can't tell you which one I identified the most with because I liked them all......maybe Devine Intervention.  I can't remember exact quotes but I think that one spoke to me more.  I loved how you correlated the scriptures with your poems.  Excellent job!  It is a true page turner.

By Minister Dawn Brown:

My have such a unique anointing; unlike the "usual" poet/writer. Whenever I look at a writing, a blurb (because I do keep those --- anything you've given to me I always go back and look again), a full poem....I often-times can actually "taste" the word "EXPERIENCE". Your words engage the audience because it feels so real and it feels as if you just came out of that experience; and it feels so deep-rooted. My prayer for you is that when His timing releases you, that you are ready and well-prepared for the leap. I believe the flood gates will burst full-force at that time. I think the best thing of all, is that your heart is in the right place and it's MORE than evident! The blessing of the Lord be upon you: I bless YOU in Jesus Name!!  I love you HUGE!!

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