By Jamon Lewis:
I'm Inspired!!!

By brian cormier:
Great read!

By Kevin Forté:

Inspiring and uplifting. A good way to start your day-very motivational.

Copyright 2016. Tawana Forte. All rights reserved.

By David Reid:

A very spiritual down to earth and easy to read book.  A modern day book of psalms.  Very uplifting and encouraging.  Love it!!

By Patricia Forté:

I received my book in the mail and I could not put it down .  A must have book.  A very inspiring book-boy did I go through all of that.  Continue to be a vessel. Thank you Lord for giving her such an awesome gift to share with others.

By Terri Batsell:

I absolutely love your book.  I got it yesterday and read a few of your poems and it left me saying, wow.  You are so talented and blessed.  I definitely want your next book.

By Shell Forté:
Love how this book is transparent in communicating on how we should communicate with God. In order for God to heal, deliver and restore we must be transparent. Thank you Tawana for sharing what was on your heart.....this is just the beginning of something GREAT that God has in store for you. Be bless

By Angela Holmes:

Your book reaffirms that God is truly walking with me during every trial or tribulation.  He is my everything. 

By Regina Manual:

It's a very soft-spoken book that will encourage you.

By Teresa Thomas:

I read this book of poems and I must say, very well written.  Most of the poems I had to read twice because I was touched and they seemed to be my words, my thoughts and my life.  Great job-well done.  I can't wait for the next one!

By Ginelle Lowe:

If you like a good read this book is something uplifting, hopeful, get that believing & Faith back up.  Something that lets you understand you're not alone, (I, YOU, WE) are all going thru, been thru or have a great testimony on how (I, YOU, WE) got thru.

Thanks Sis

By Lee Ann:

(Editor at First Editing)

What lovely, lovely poetry!  It truly is inspirational writing, and some of the poems deeply moved me.  Your readers will be sure to feel the same way.  Thank you for sharing them with the world.

By Mitzi Zupka:

Even though these poems are based on Tawana's experience and relationship with God, there is something for everyone.
**You might be going through difficult times and feel that there is no one to help you.
**You are feeling sad or depressed and need something uplifting.
**You feel lost and can't seem to find the right path even when you look.
**You have a wonderful relationship with God and want to spread it to others.

Read this book!