Copyright 2016. Tawana Forte. All rights reserved.

MEMOIR~compilation of life events leading to freedom

-An extension of poems from previous 2 books

-A journey with a purpose to encourage and bring hope to others

Poems to uplift you during hard times

This collection of inspirational poems is about waking up and living. As we experience the storms within our lives (and we can’t run from them), we must not let it distract us from God and what he is doing in our lives.

This book is about praising God for what he is doing in our lives, even if it has not been revealed yet. Each poem is full of words of encouragement and appreciation of our loving Father, with scriptures to meditate on. It helps us keep our faith and keep our focus on God’s love for us.

This book reminds us that we must stay awake and fully armored as storms approach, as that is when we will feel God’s presence.

Tawana’s poetry is created to inspire, to uplift, and to strengthen. She shares her own feelings of weakness and of hiding her true self behind masks and deceptively safe comfort zones. Then, as God takes control of her poetry, she sings of her newfound joys and strengths and of the changes that God works within and without her.

Warm, encouraging, and filled with devotion and awe of the Lord, Through My Eyes: My Spiritual Journey celebrates the joys of a life in Christ. And if you are struggling, these poems will remind you of God’s constant love—right when you need it the most.